How has God blessed and grown you? If WEEC has impacted your life, please let us know your story or testimony so we can share it with others who need encouragement!

Kim R.

Kim R.

Bellefontaine, OH

“TO GOD ALONE BE THE GLORY! I’m 56 years old and have struggled with being bi-polar since I was sixteen. I have also had borderline personality and anorexic disorders, suicidal, a cutter, just a lot of darkness in my life… but I win, because Jesus is my Lord and Savior! When I’m in the deepest black places God has given me a love for writing and so I write poems of what I go thru, and how God always brings me out! In my pain, often it’s not pretty but His faithfulness shows up at exactly His right time. Wondered if my poems could be a comfort to someone!”


Columbus, OH

“I’m more grateful than I’ll readily express, first to the Holy Spirit for your broadcasts, and for all who contribute to making your broadcasts possible. As the Holy Spirit and I grow closer, your station becomes increasingly valuable to our family. I have sent a donation to your ministry in hopes that, in a way that only the God can, it will multiply in wonderful, unforeseen ways. Thanks you so much for being on air!”


“I have listened to WEEC for over 40 years & have ‘shared the LOVE’ through different journeys in the life of WEEC & in my own personal life. I really enjoy the music, many of the programs… JumpStart, Running To Win, Focus on the Family, In Touch, Sunday Praise, The Pond, and a newer one – ‘We Kids’, is such a good little program for youngsters & those young at heart! God bless all of you at WEEC!”


“God bless you dear friends. I’m so thankful for the blessing you are to our lives every day. I am happy to support you in prayer and with some money. I hope and pray that many others, as God leads them to, support your work for the Lord. This world is in desperate need of HOPE, LOVE and HELP that only God can give. Satan is raging in this world, devouring lives, destroying families, and our country is moving away from the blessings of God. Once it was said, ‘ONE NATION UNDER GOD’. People choose to leave God’s protection and blessing for ungodly lifestyles. You broadcast everyday to sound out the message of God’s mercy, grace, love, & salvation. How soon before it is too late? It is so urgent! May God use you and open the ears & pierce the hearts of those lost and dying people headed for Hell. Thank you. All the blessed programs are perfect. The staff feel like friends filled with God’s Spirit.”


“Friends of WEEC, I’m sorry I missed the Shareathon. First time in 55 years or more. I was in the hospital and got bad news, I have cancer of the liver and a mark on my small intestine. My days are numbered, but I love the Lord & if He needs me more I’m willing to join Him. If Jesus is not ready for me I’ll still win seeing friends & family. Pray for me. I am 92 this year. God bless you all.”


“Dear WEEC, I am so glad you are on the air 24/7. May times I turn you on and listen in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. You are such a blessing. I also enjoy JumpStart in the mornings – just enough clean humor! May God continue to bless you.”


Clarksville, OH

“I was looking for a station last year that played traditional songs. I had prayed to God for you and in a few weeks I was tuning in to different stations, and found WEEC. I appreciate all of your ministries, but especially the old songs – I can sing along with them. My grandson was in the car with me and we were both singing ‘Leaning, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms’ on the way to his school. Thanks & God bless.”


South Vienna, OH

“WEEC is a great radio station! I’ve listened for years, and my son grew up on the Saturday morning kids’ programs. Now, my grandchildren are growing up on them!”


London, OH

“I’m so glad you are on the air. You have been a blessing to me many times over. I have started a ‘dimes for Jesus’ program. I save all my dimes to donate to spreading the message of salvation. You do a wonderful job of presenting the message not only to the new believers but also as an encouragement to the long-term believer to keep on believing. Thank you, and God bless you.”


“As always, I very much appreciate the station. WEEC’s programming has shaped my life since I was a young child. WEEC was always on in my mother’s kitchen and I continued the practice when my children were growing up. I am ever so grateful for the grounding given in the Biblical teaching programs, and I appreciate the Christian worldview regarding current events. The children’s programs were important to me as a child and my girls loved Adventures in Odyssey. Uplifting music and local event announcements are icing on the proverbial cake. God bless your important work in our world.”


“Dear friends at WEEC, Thank you SO very much for your ministry. I have been blessed by the LORD through your ministry for many years, and am continually blessed by past and present programs and music on your wonderful station. A few years ago I made a pledge, on two occasions, if I remember correctly, which were not fulfilled. I am so grieved by this, and am very grateful to be sending a check for one of those times to you. I hope to send another one soon too!”


Urbana, OH

“I want to thank you all for your dedication to serving our Lord by bringing His Word and music to many communities. My late husband and I listened to WEEC for about 40 years. I have loved so many programs and have been fed God’s Word by many preachers of the Gospel. Presently, I smile when I hear those two on JumpStart. They are invigorating and so sweet. Also, Sue Murphy is a joy. I have her cookbook! I’m rambling, but I felt compelled to tell you SOME of what the station has meant to me. I listen at night when sleep evades me. The small amount of my donation DOESN’T COMPARE. Thank you.”

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