SHARE 2014!

Share has ended with a bang at WEEC! We met our goal thanks to YOU!!!

The theme for this year was SHARE 2014 – Together Reaching More For Christ!

Once a year we have SHARE, when we set aside three days (March 25-27) to “share” the ministry needs with you.

Prayer & Praise Day was March 24th, and SHARE 2014 was March 25th through the 27th on 100.7FM!

A Letter From Our President/CEO

Thank you so much for visiting our website today.  We were so encouraged by the following listener testimonies we wanted to share them with you.

A young man wrote from prison:  “I considered myself an atheist, I had been in and out of trouble with the law and was addicted to drugs.  Then I bit off more than I could chew.  I was sentenced to 5 years for manufacturing an illegal substance.  One year into my sentence I had lost all hope.  Then another inmate introduced me to the free Bible Study he got from your radio station.  I began to use it and for the first time was really convicted of my sin.  I prayed the sinner’s prayer and now am enrolled in your Bible Correspondence School.  I desire to study God’s Word and He is changing my life.  Your Bible study was one of the direct influences in saving this sinner, thank you.”

“I’ve finally settled it!” These were the words of a dear 85 yr. old lady who called during the WEEC SHARE last year to find out how to be saved.  Kevin talked with her a bit and then led her in the sinner’s prayer over the phone.  When they finished praying he could hear the peace in her voice after years of not knowing where she would spend eternity!

These are what I call Divine Appointments! Those times when God intersects His Word with a person’s need.  Did you know that YOU help make this possible? WEEC is a listener supported ministry and when you give to this Christian Radio Station, you share in the reward of these changed lives!

Without your help, WEEC wouldn’t be able to make these Bible studies available or share the Word of God over the airwaves day and night or lead a dear soul to Christ over the phone!  That’s why each year around this time we give all of our listeners the opportunity to let us know we can count on them with their monthly support or generous single gift.

SHARE 2014 is coming March 24 -27.  You can make a faith promise online right here to help us sometime during 2014 as God provides for you.When you support WEEC in broadcasting God’s Word, He will literally use your commitment to change lives, hearts, and eternities in the coming year!

Thank you for following God’s leading and for partnering with us in the Gospel!

Together Reaching More For Christ,

Tracy Figley


Strong Tower/WEEC

Why donate?

Because the mission of WEEC is to glorify God by using communications technology, with excellence and integrity, to lead the lost to Jesus Christ and the Christian into a closer walk with Him. By giving to our ministry, you are helping us to reach more people for Christ. Our ministry is completely support-based, so we rely on your kind hearts to meet the needs of our ministry in order to keep bringing you encouraging music and teaching 24/7! WEEC 100.7FM is a listener-supported, non-profit ministry.  We’re only on the air because people like you help!

What is a Faith Promise?

A Faith Promise is a one-time or monthly donation that you are committing to give in the next year. It is you saying, “You know what? I had a little extra left over from taxes this year and I want to use it to benefit others!” or “You know, in this economy things are tough, but I know that when I give to others God will use that and multiple it if I am willing!” or “This is not my money in the first place, Lord! Do with it as you wish!” If one of these people are you, or even a different reason entirely – THANK YOU! You are making a difference.

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Thank You To Our Partners & Food Donors!

Partners & Underwriters: Click here to see those that have partnered alongside of us in SHARE 2014, and click here to see our other Underwriters who have supported us as well!

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Also, a special thanks to:

• Mr. & Mrs. Shaffer

• Ruth Book/Cathy Ackley/Sue Murphy

Behind The Mic At SHARE 2014!

Are you wishing you could see what went on during SHARE after hearing it?
You can!

See us behind the mic during Share 2014 as we kept you up to date with pictures, some videos from our staff, and our twitter feed which is updated frequently!
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