Beavercreek Police have confirmed that officers shot a 21 year old man inside the Walmart.

I’m Ruth Book reporting on this story and more for WEEC News.

That man was reported to be waving a rifle-type weapon at customers inside the store…including children. Police said officers confronted the man and shot him after he failed to comply with verbal orders. He was taken to Miami Valley Hospital where he was pronounced dead. During the shooting incident, a woman a couple of aisles over from the shooting suffered a heart attack according to news sources and died. A number of witnesses said they were pleased with the police response and the store’s evacuation saying it was organized. One witness said the Walmart staff did not flee, but waited for the customers to get out first.

Yesterday on our 12:20 news we told you about a woman who was killed by her dog…today we are reporting on another dog mauling…this time on a young boy. 7 year old Joey Hatfield was mauled by his neighbor’s dog around 9:00 Monday night in St. Mary’s and is now hospitalized as he recovers from the injuries. His mother says this is the third time he has been bitten by the same dog, a pit bull. Theresa Hatfield said she heard her son screaming from down the road. The mother ran down the road and started kicking the dog to get it off her son. She was able to free her son and called 911 because she said her son was badly injured and required surgery. Auglaize County Dog Warden Jim Heistan is investigating but the dog has been quarantined for ten days with the owner which means the dog has to stay in the home and if it comes outside, it must be on a leash with a muzzle. The Hatfields also own a pit bull, but she told news sources that she does not allow it around her children.

Local dog trainers are offering advice to help recognize the signs of aggression in dogs. Angie Pullano, a certified dog trainer and owner of Fusion Dog training in Liberty Township said it’s unusual for a dog to attack a person or another dog without first giving signs of aggression, such as growling, baring teeth, snarling and biting. Pullano said other signs of aggression usually seen in a dog’s general body language include appearing stiff and still and staring intensely for a long period. She said, “People intervene too late when the problem has had months to develop. They wait until (the dog) really does bite someone.” Pullano said if a dog charges at you, the best thing to do is freeze and remain as still as possible. Do not make threatening eye contact and slowly back away from the dog as it begins to lose interest and never try to outrun a dog.

A person who returned to Ohio recently from West Africa had to be tested for the deadly Ebola virus, but the test came back negative. The Ohio Department of Health administered the test for the virus which has left nearly 900 people dead in West Africa. The virus can be transmitted through close contact with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected animals. The CDC says symptoms include a sudden fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. This is then followed by vomiting, diarrhea, rash, impaired kidney and liver function…and in some cases…both internal and external bleeding.

A Columbus man, Benjamin Moore, has been indicted on thirty charges, including engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, identity fraud, forgery and theft, stemming from cases in Vandalia, Centerville and Bellbrook where Moore allegedly stole checks from mailboxes and then used the stolen checks to create new checks that he would cash in areas around Ohio.

A man suffered an asthma attack and fell from the jet ski he was riding on Eastwood Lake. Emergency crews pulled the victim from the lake unconscious and he is now listed in critical condition at Miami Valley Hospital. The incident happened around 3:20 yesterday afternoon. Dayton Fire District Chief Rennes Bowers said the man was “unconscious, in critical condition. He was in the water a considerable period of time.”

The Hampton Inn in Huber Heights had to temporarily evacuate people around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon when a gas leak developed, suspected of having come from the pool heater. Firefighters came and evacuated the building while fire crews and Vectren investigated the gas leak. Guests returned inside the hotel around 2pm.

37 year old Eric Lee Lewis of Springfield was the victim of a shooting Tuesday morning at Oakwood Place and Lowry Avenue in Springfield. He was shot once in the back and his injuries were listed on the police report as life-threatening. He was shot around 11am on Tuesday and was airlifted to Miami Valley Hospital from Springfield Regional Medical Center.

Northeastern Local School District voters have rejected a five-year, 1 percent earned income tax ballot issue during the special election yesterday…that according to final, unofficial results. The issue failed by about 153 votes with approximately 52 percent of voters rejected the increase. Dr. Lou Kramer, Northeastern’s superintendent said voters have rejected the tax increase four times since November of 2012, but he was encouraged by the fact that the results were a little closer than in the past. Last week, the Northeastern Board voted to place the exact issue on the November 4th ballot if it failed Tuesday.

A change in Ohio law now has a minimum number of hours that students must attend school, instead of a minimum number of days. That change means that high school juniors and seniors will no longer be able to enjoy shortened school days. Andrea Cook, secondary curriculum specialist for Springboro City Community Schools, explains, “Attendance is now accounted for by the hour rather than the day.” She continued, “Allowing students to participate in early release or late arrival significantly would reduce our district’s funding…therefore, late arrival or early dismissal in the place of study halls is no longer an option for our juniors and seniors.” Effective July 1st, the minimum school year changed from 182 days to 455 hours for half-day kindergarten 910 hours for all-day kindergarten and grades one through 6. 1,001 hours are required for grades seven through twelve. Area districts are adjusting to the change by adding additional opportunities for older students.

A Springfield teen has been charged in the death of Springfield High student Jeff Wellington. 17 year old Tyrin Hawkins has been charged with aggravated murder, according to Clark County Prosecutor Andrew Wilson. 20 year old Kendrick Stroder has also been indicted in connection with Wellington’s death on charges of complicity to aggravated murder, complicity to murder, carrying a concealed weapon and tampering with evidence.

Hungry people in the Springfield area are often helped at the Springfield Soup Kitchen which serves the poor and homeless in the community. Event organizer Jake Rosales said, “We want to educate the community about the soup kitchen and raise as much money as we can for it.” The event is called “Rise Up Springfield” and will be held on the City Hall Plaza this Saturday from Noon-7pm and will feature continuous live music, dance, a classic car and motorcycle show, as well as other entertainment and activities. Frederick Stegner, who operates the soup kitchen, said the event is important because the facility does not have a full-time funding source, but relies on donations, except for a small grant from the Nehemiah Foundation. The soup kitchen is located at 830 W. Main Street in Springfield.

It definitely looks like great weather for the Rise Up Springfield event this Saturday with sunny skies and highs near 82. For today, we do have a 30 percent possibility of some precipitation this afternoon, with highs rising to 79. Lows tonight drop to around 57. Look for sunshine on Thursday with highs at 79 again.