It’s down to Cleveland and Dallas…that’s the two sites being considered for the 2016 Republican National Convention!

I’m Ruth Book reporting for the WEEC News!

The RNC site selection committee eliminated Kansas City and Denver yesterday after a process that originally included Columbus and Cincinnati as well as other cities. Site Selection Committee Chair Enid Mickelsen said, “Cleveland and Dallas demonstrated their ability to host a phenomenal convention in 2016 and the RNC is excited about the prospect of hosting our convention in either of these great cities.” The Democratic National Committee will begin visiting Columbus and the five other possible 2016 Democratic National Convention sites early next month. The six cities include Cleveland, Birmingham, New York, Philadelphia and Phoenix, as well as Columbus. Democratic National committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said they hope to have a final decision on a site for the 2016 DNC late this year or early next year.

Tens of thousands of Ohio veterans now have an easier way to prove their eligibility for certain benefits they have earned through their military service. Over a dozen counties now offer a Veteran ID Card for discharged veterans so they don’t have to carry the paperwork, but instead will be able to use the ID card. Mike McKinney comments: Franklin County Recorder Terry Brown said they have been issuing cards for a year and veterans are very grateful. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles offers an Armed Forces stamp that can be placed on a driver’s license or state ID to recognize veterans for their military services.

Have you been wondering how our local teams are doing on the American Bible Challenge? Lynn Berna is here to share some information on the Cedarville University Heartland Guards, but first she reports on the incident involving the RTA bus driver in Dayton.

A man was canoeing on the river with his family when he was arrested after a witness called police around 4:10 Wednesday afternoon. The witness said a man was involved in a physical altercation with his wife while their children were in the canoe. Sugarcreek Township police responded to the Bellbrook Canoe Livery and waited for the canoe to arrive. While police were waiting the Dayton Daily News reports witnesses on the Little Miami River identified the family as Josh and Autumn DeHart and their children. About an hour later, a single occupant canoe came towards the livery. Police instructed the canoeist to dock and he reportedly refused to acknowledge the officer’s directions and kept canoeing. Two officers got into an open canoe and went after the man, identified as Joshua DeHart and took him into custody without incident. Other officers waited for the rest of the family. Autumn DeHart and four children between the ages of 4 and into the teen years arrived around 5:15pm along with another man, Joshua Drazek and officers instructed the man to dock. Drazek refused. Sgt. Mark White removed his gear and shoes and jumped in the water and swam after the canoe holding the woman, children and Drazek. Sgt. White was able to get the canoe to shore and unload the four children and Autumn DeHart while he struggled with Drazek. Another officer eventually tased Drazek on two occasions until they could handcuff him. Apparently Drazek had picked up the woman and children after Joshua DeHart refused to allow his family back in the canoe. Drazek was checked over by medics, then arrested and taken to the Greene County Jail. This case will be going to the Grand Jury.

Seven people ended up hurt in a crash that temporarily shut down the intersection of Ohio 235 and Trebein Road in Fairborn yesterday afternoon. The two-car crash happened just after 1:30pm. Five medic units transported the seven injured, including one that was considered serious.

A.B Graham Academy in St. Paris has failed to secure a new sponsor and will not be operating this fall. The local charter school served 280 students last year from multiple counties. It’s current sponsorship with Graham Local School District ends Monday and needed to find another organization, a school district, the Ohio Department of Education or an educational service center, to sponsor the academy in order for it to stay open.

Sometimes it’s not a good idea to access Facebook…especially when you are in the process of robbing a place! 26 year old Nicholas Wig broke into a Minneapolis home and took credit cards, cash and a checkbook. He left the homeowner’s computer behind…complete with his Facebook profile left on the computer screen! According to authorities, Wig has a long criminal history including burglary, domestic assault and drug charges.

In the City of Springfield, drivers may see more law enforcement officers looking for seat belt violators. Seat belt usage is at the lowest rate in the entire Miami Valley in parts of Springfield, according to data collected by Miami University for the Ohio State Highway Patrol. An agreement has been made between the Springfield Police and the Ohio State Highway Patrol to have state troopers begin patrolling inside city limits, targeting drivers and passengers who are not wearing the safety apparatus, said Lt. Brian Aller, commander of the Springfield Post of the Ohio Patrol. Lt. Aller said “The best (safety device) is the seat belt because it keeps you in place.” He continued, “So even if you crash or somebody crashes into you, you’re held in place so you can still control your vehicle even after the fact.” Aller also said it is easy to spot a person that doesn’t have their seat belt fastened, but since it is a secondary violation, drivers can’t be stopped for that alone. However…law enforcement officers can spot the person without the seat belt, then look for a probable cause primary violation to pull them over.

The Dayton Walk To Cure Arthritis begins in about an hour and a half at Southview Medical Center in Dayton. Nearly 300,000 children suffer from arthritis nationwide.

We’ll have partly cloudy skies tonight with lows dropping to 63. Sunshine is in store again for Friday and it will be a little warmer too, with highs rising to 85. There is a 30-40 percent possibility of some rain showers and thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday with highs peaking at 87 for both days.