You can listen online anytime! You can listen to HD1, which is the same as 100.7 FM. If you love Southern Gospel music, check out HD 2: The Rock. Finally, if you’re a big fan of Traditional music, try HD: 3 Peace in the Valley.

Take WEEC with you everywhere on your mobile device by getting the free app. Whether you’re out of town for the week or you are moving out of state, you can always have your favorite music and Bible teaching with you using the WEEC app.

All three are available here, or you can listen conveniently on our apps that you can download using the buttons below.


"I'm having a problem connecting to the internet stream."

Here are three things to check…

  • Clear your cookies and browser history.  Often, clearing the cache of downloaded cookies and helper objects will fix this issue. Click here for instructions if you’re unsure of the procedure.
  • Try a different browser.  If the stream works in Microsoft Internet Explorer, but not in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, for example, you may need to update your browser to the newest version.
"The internet stream timed out and says 'Are you still there?', is it supposed to do that?"

Yes. It saves listeners’ bandwidth (some providers give customers bandwidth caps).

It saves processing power for the streaming provider – which allows them to reduce streaming costs to us.

It also lowers the royalty payouts we have to make for internet streaming time when nobody is actually listening (i.e., it’s on but she’s sleeping).
Since, for internet streaming, we have to pay royalties for every song streamed to every individual listener, it behooves us to not stream songs to an empty house, or to people who are not listening.

Back when we were doing our streaming through the old provider, we were paying a flat minimum royalty fee.  We were notified several times that we were not in compliance with copyright laws and regulations, because we were not reporting the exact number of songs played to however many people, and also were not paying the exact royalty amount we owed for said precise number of songs.  Our new provider can help us keep track of the exact number of songs, and allows us to finally comply with the law.

"What is the best way to listen to 100.7 online? Is there a reason mine isn't playing?"

The recommended way to listen on a computer is by going to and clicking on one of the two round icons.  Please note that you will need to have Flash installed and enabled.
(If you aren’t sure if you do, you can find out by browsing to

On a mobile device, we recommend using our free apps, either our iOS app for iPhone and iPad or our Android app for smartphones or tablets.

If you are using a desktop player like Windows Media Player, you need to make sure that it is able to play streams encoded in AAC.  Itunes and Windows Media Player 12 support this natively; you may be able to install an aftermarket codec to allow you to play AAC streams in older versions.  If your player doesn’t support AAC, you may download the free media player VLC, which does.

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